Making sustainable shopping easy and rewarding

The Problem

Adopting a more sustainable diet can be confusing.

With lots of information out there and many things to consider, it’s hard to know what to do. And in our busy lives, shopping for groceries needs to remain quick and easy.

With the global challenge of climate change most of us want to do the right thing, but don’t know where, or how, to start.

Our Solution

Greener Beans exists to make shopping more sustainably easy and rewarding.

We guide you to make simple swaps, providing suggestions of more sustainable products you could buy.

No change is too small.  Together we can all make a real difference to our planet.

We are currently developing our shopping solution to guide sustainable swaps.

The food choices we make matter, as their impact on the planet varies considerably

Industrial Aquaculture can lead to emissions and water pollution in surrounding areas

But with lots to consider, it’s confusing to know which products are more sustainable

Greener Beans simplifies this, providing you easy and rewarding guidance on shopping more sustainably

Traditional fishing methods more in harmony with local ecosystem and communities

"Greener Beans strike the right balance between academic precision and the realities that exist in the complex world of food sourcing. The team’s combined experience and expertise inspires confidence, and their professional attitude and desire to constantly improve their own model makes them easy and enjoyable to work with.”

Laurence Webb

Responsible Sourcing Manager, Tesco.

“The SFT is supportive of and excited by Greener Beans’s ambition to create greater supply chain transparency. In particular, we are interested to see how the reporting mechanisms develop to allow consumers to make more informed choices about the food they buy, hopefully incentivising a move towards more genuinely sustainable diets to support farms providing benefit to the environment and public health.”

Adele Jones

Head of External Relations, Sustainable Food Trust.

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